What is Coming Your Way Soon

After several months of beta testing, we have gleaned valuable insight about what you like and don't like about Barters Closet. Your suggestions have prompted us to create something new entirely. Barters Closet 3.0 will be unrecognizable from what currently exists, and we’re stoked!

Can I still access my Closet?

Yes, you can still access Barters Closet's Beta and continue using it as you have been able to before. If you sign up today, you will still be able to barter, buy, and sell your clothes.

When is the site changing?

Rather than make incremental changes, we have decided to leave the site as it stands today and have a single release for the new site. This is expected to happen sometime in February.

Will my existing account be rolled over?

Yes. If you already have a Closet with us, your information and inventory will be transferred to the new site. If you're new to the site, you can start gaining reputation and get your Closet ready for our upcoming rollout.

What is going to change?

We're making it easier to get your Closet set up and find people with similar styles.
We've created a new user interface to simplify your experience.
As for everything else, you’ll just have to wait and see!